”PhotoWalk” Let's make your own

customized tour with photo shooting

by a personal photographer.

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Osaka castle, Osaka(2019)

This tour is especially recommended for those who first time come to Japan

I will tell you about the characteristics and customs of Japanese people and

how to use Tokyo's transportation efficiently.My main job is a photographer,

so I would like to proceed with the tour while focusing on photography.

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Fushimi-Inari Taisha, Kyoto(2019)

Tour Details

I will accompany you with a photo shoot in the area you want.Popular tourist spots in Tokyo are Meiji Jingu Shrine, Shinjuku Gyoen, around Tokyo Station, Shibuya Scramble Crossing and Asakusa.Recently,Shibuya's new commercial facilities "Shibuya Scramble Square" and "PARCO" are highly recommended spots where you can feel the cutting edge of Tokyo.Of course, there are many really fun places in Tokyo,such as shopping areas,shrines and standing bars.

Kaiyukan Aquarium, Osaka(2019)

Kuromon market, Osaka(2019)

About the appeal of photography

on the tour

The big attraction is that most people will experience a professional photographer, such as composition and viewpoints, for the first time experienced by a professional photographer.My 20year career as a photographer has ranged from national and international actresses, actors and musicians to general family photography.Make your tourist happy by taking advantage of the photography experience.

Farm Tomita(Furano), Hokkaido(2019)

Shibuya scramble crossing, Tokyo(2019)

About communication

My English is not very good, so I use a high-performance translator for communication.It can speak 74 languages.

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Shinagawa shrine, Tokyo(2019)

Asakusa, Tokyo(2019)

About Delivery of photo data

The photo data will be transferred to the e-mail address specified by the customer within 24 hours by file transfer "SENDY".I hope you enjoy your trip while watching the photo data while traveling in Japan,or share photos with your family and friends on Facebook and Instagram.


Around Tokyo station, Tokyo(2019)


Kenrokuen, Kanazawa(2019)

About Payment

Payment of the fee is received after the shooting on the day.

Please choose a credit card or cash payment method.

The credit card company we accept is Visa, Mastercard, DinersClub, American Express, JCB, Discover Card.

Otaru Canal, Hokkaido(2019)

It's Okay to hire as your

personal photographer

on another tour

I am a professional photographer, but not a professional guide.The guidebook is more detailed.However,I love delicious local food,so I can teach you delicious Japanese restaurants not mentioned in the guidebook.When a friend who lives abroad comes to Japan, I introduce various local restaurants.I also offer tours suitable for starting your trip to Japan,such as making a phone call to shop in Japanese.I think it's a nice idea to add me as an option to tours that have already been booked for taking photos.If you are interested,please feel free to contact me once.

Personal Photographer / HIDENORI OHNO